Keep Broomfield Thriving.

Pat Quinn, For Mayor of Broomfield.


A Message From Pat,


My name is Pat Quinn, and I am running for Mayor of Broomfield.  I have lived in Broomfield since 1981 and while I was elected the first Democratic Mayor of Broomfield in 2007 I have a history of working collaboratively with Democrats, Independents, and Republicans.

Prior to being Mayor, and as a citizen activist, I worked in collaboration with others to design, finance and execute a plan for Broomfield to reach its 1995 comprehensive plan goal of 40% open lands.  Today, because of our efforts we now have over 8,000 acres of open lands well on our way to the goal of 40%.”

As Mayor, I expanded bus rapid transit options, and helped finance and oversaw the completion of the nationally recognized US Highway 36 managed lanes project. As Mayor and a CPA, I led our city though the great recession and left the city better off, reducing the city’s debt and got our economy growing again.

After serving as Mayor, I opened a small business as a certified public accountant. In 2014, I served on the Governor Hickenlooper’s Oil and Gas task force where I led the effort for local control of oil and gas. In 2017, I worked to pass Prop 301 to require that our city only allow oil and gas development if it does not adversely affect our health and safety.

I am now running for Mayor because Broomfield is at a crossroads. We need a Mayor who will work collaboratively with Democrats, Independents, and Republicans to keep our community thriving. Broomfield is growing, and we need smart development that does not leave anyone behind and preserves our community’s unique character:

As Mayor, I will:

  • Increase affordable and attainable housing.

  • Grow Broomfield’s economy and attract companies to increase our quality of life, including unique, locally owned restaurants, and grocery stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joes.

  • Protect and expand our open space: We must make sure that everyone in Broomfield has access to open space no matter where they live.

  • Work to get Broomfield to 100% renewable energy: We can start by finishing our efforts to use solar energy for all of our city government buildings and electrify the city’s vehicles.

  • Increase mass transit options and fight for our fair share of RTD funding.

  • Increase transparency in local government.

I have a proven track record of working collaboratively to achieve results for Broomfield. With your help, we can do it again and continue to move our city forward.


“I am now running for Mayor because Broomfield is at a crossroads.”

As a citizen activist, I was the architect of our open space program. Because of our efforts, we now have over 8,000 acres of open lands, on our way to our goal of 40% open lands in Broomfield.


With your help, we can do it again and continue to move our city forward.